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Apple Green Net Zero

The waste management champions, pioneering cutting-edge solutions for responsible disposal, recycling, and carbon footprinting.

Apple Green NetZero is a leader in waste management and environmental responsibility, providing cutting-edge solutions for waste disposal, recycling, and carbon footprint reporting. With a commitment to sustainability, it pioneers resource recovery and Refuse-Derived Fuel services for a circular economy.

  • a. Waste Management: At the forefront of holistic waste solutions, Apple Green NetZero pioneers advanced waste management practices, ensuring responsible disposal and minimizing environmental impact.
  • b. Organic Composting: Committed to sustainable waste disposal, Apple Green NetZero transforms organic waste into valuable compost, enriching soils and fostering healthier ecosystems.
  • c. Carbon Footprint Reporting: Providing transparent measurement and reporting services, Apple Green NetZero empowers clients to track and improve their environmental impact in alignment with global sustainability goals.
  • d. Materials Recovery / RDF: Specializing in resource recovery and Refuse-Derived Fuel services, Apple Green NetZero converts waste into valuable materials and alternative energy sources.

Apple Green Africa

Empowering communities and businesses with renewable energy solutions, fostering sustainable growth and a brighter future.

Our renewable energy division, Apple Green Africa provides renewable energy solutions that are dedicated to community empowerment and sustainable business growth. Our smme empowerment EcoPower program offers skills development, enterprise support, and mobile renewable energy solutions for SMMEs.

This skills development program entails;

  • a. Skills Development: Through skills enhancement initiatives, Apple Green Africa empowers communities, fostering growth and self-sufficiency.
  • b. Enterprise Development: Dedicated to sustainable business growth, Apple Green Africa supports enterprises that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.
  • c. Renewable Energy: Leading the charge in clean energy solutions, Apple Green Africa contributes to a sustainable energy landscape across African communities.
  • d. Waste to Energy: Pioneering innovative waste-to-energy solutions, Apple Green Africa transforms waste into valuable energy sources.

Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS)

We also provide heavy duty energy solutions through pioneering waste-to-energy solutions initiatives, which transforms organic waste into clean energy sources, contributing to both environmental and economic sustainability. We further are a distributor of Battery Energy Storage Systems (1MW – 50MW) for sustainable energy security.

Apple Green X

The digital sustainability innovators, harnessing cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and AI to manage carbon, facilitate carbon trading, and create a greener future.

Apple Green X is at the forefront of digital sustainability innovation, specializing in expert carbon management, advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI, and facilitating commercial carbon trading. It’s a catalyst for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions to enhance their environmental impact.

  • a. Carbon Management: Apple Green X specializes in expert carbon management, assisting clients in reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions for a sustainable future.
  • b. Blockchain, AI & Cloud Technology: Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, Apple Green X integrates blockchain, AI, and cloud solutions to enhance sustainability practices.
  • c. Commercial/Carbon Trading: Facilitating carbon trading in commercial sectors, Apple Green X provides a platform for businesses to engage in sustainable practices and trading.

Apple Green Organics

Cultivating a sustainable food system, specializing in organic crops grown with respect for the Earth.

Apple Green Organics excels in sustainable agriculture, specializing in the cultivation of high-value crops like hemp, cannabis, and spices. With a focus on organic vegetable production, it ensures food security and promotes a healthier, chemical-free food system for communities.

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